What is it?

Address Checker is an online tool which lets you check whether an address you want to send an item to is considered to be a rural / non-urban address and if we offer a Saturday delivery service to that location. 

Why use it?

Rural / non-urban or Saturday delivery services require an additional ticket so it is important to check this to ensure you have ticketed your item correctly. Address Checker makes it simple to do this, as all you need to do is type in the address and the tool will give you the information needed.

What do I need?

All you need is the address you are sending your item to - our tool does the rest!

How it works

To check Saturday or rural delivery details for any address:

  1. Click on the link Rural or Saturday delivery from the black tool menu near the top right of every page on our website.
  2. In the field labelled "Address" type the address you are sending the item to. Make sure your address starts with a number, eg. 32 Botha Road.
  3. As you type the address a list of possible addresses will appear. Select the correct address by clicking on it.

(See references in image on right)(See references in image below)

  1. Once you have selected the correct address your results will appear in a table. Your results will tell you:
    • If the address receives a standard Monday to Friday delivery
    • If Saturday Delivery is available to the address*
    • If a Rural Delivery ticket for this address is required (tick means a ticket is required, a cross means no ticket is required)
    • If there are any other Special Conditions for delivery to the address

*If Saturday Delivery is unavailable, it may be possible to arrange for a special delivery to this address on Saturday. Call 0800 800 841 for more information on this service or to make arrangements.

(See references in image on right)(See references in image below)

Did you know that if you don't have any Saturday or Rural Delivery tickets, these portions of the delivery cost can be charged to your account?